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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
I have been seeing Bob off and on for several years to help me develop coping skills and insight into my obsessive compulsive disorder. Bob has been instrumental in my healing and I would wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone dealing with this issue. He is honest, trustworthy and approachable. I feel very grateful to have him as my mental health resource in New York City.

Eric Grispo, Jersey City

Finding the Root Cause of Childhood Trauma
After suffering the consequences of the trauma of war and 9/11 and continuing a childhood abuse, Bob helped me to become aware of and see the root cause of the trauma I had suffered as a child and how those events had a direct effect on my behavior at that time. He prepared me for the consequences that lay ahead and ultimately to face the possibility of losing my family. Because of the many changes I was able to make and the knowledge gained from our sessions, I ultimately regained my family and restructured my life with the help of the new tools into my new toolbox of life selected with Bob. The recording we made together for me to listen for follow up was one of those tools that aided me during my alone times. He had a particular skill to listen and sort the things I said that I was not hearing in myself and present it back to me for my consideration. Bob is a great sounding board and recommend him for your work with any issue.

JCM, New York

Self Acceptance as a Gay Man
I can't thank Robert Kupferman enough for the help he has given me. Even though I had prior therapies, I still had much underlying guilt and anxiety about being a gay man. I needed a gay male therapist who didn't just dig up the past. My family especially my mother and the Church really did a number on me. For the first time in my life I am a gay man who is proud and feels good about himself. My partner and I are happy together. We attend a gay friendly church. How can I say thank you Bob!

Robert Russo, Fort Lee, NJ

Grieving Loss of Partner
On January 4, 2011, I lost my partner of over 30 years to a lengthy illness. As his health deteriorated, I believed I could handle my stressful role as caregiver. It reached a point when I realized I needed emotional support from someone who has traveled this road himself. My prayers were answered when I met Robert Kupferman. He has been and continues to be an integral part of my journey. He has shown me how to use the tools to manage such an enormous loss. I could not have done it without Robert. He has been more than a therapist and coach. I am fortunate to have made it this far with his guidance. My journey is not over and I still look to Robert to make sense of it all.

Frederick Gonzalez, Brooklyn, NY

Effective Treatment Skills
Dear Robert,
Just had to tell you that today's session was amazing! I am so grateful to God to have discovered you as my therapist. You amaze me by your ability to wear more than one hat during today's session, e.g. therapist, philosopher, storyteller, social scientist, actor and yogi. After today, I know fro sure you are the therapist who can help me reach my full potential. I am very excited about that fact as I enter the new year. Have a blessed, healthy and prosperous new year!

Rick P., New York

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression
As someone who sought out the expertise of Robert Kupferman to help me cope with issues of anxiety, insomnia and depression related to PTSD, I can recommend Robert with the highest confidence. He is an expert in his field and I felt a sense of peace and ease at our first session. Robert helped me confront a very painful incident from which I was suffering a great deal of emotional distress. I benefitted immensely form both the talking and hypnosis sessions. I consider myself very fortunate having met Robert.

Eric John, Jersey City

I am a psychologist who came to Bob Kupferman for insomnia related to breathing difficulty. This condition commenced soon after a panic stricken snorkeling incident where I thought I might drown. Bob suggested through hypnotic trance that I could easily breathe more deeply, slowly and confidently during sleep. It worked! He encouraged me to record the trance on my smart phone, which I did and now I listen to it regularly for reinforcement. I cannot believe the change in one session.

Ashley Brown, PhD, Melbourne, Australia

My name is Dennis Farley. I am 56 years of age and a Port Authority Police Officer. I lost many friends on 9/11 and in 2004 it affected me seismically. I had great difficulty sleeping, waking up in the first hour of the sleep cycle with nightmares about lost comrades. I came to St. Vincent’s hospital for assistance and was introduced to Bob Kupferman. He and I shared a 20 minute session, and from that day to today (August, 2007) I have not had one bad dream and my sleep is uninterrupted. I credit Bob Kupferman’s professionalism and understanding with my healing. I am indebted for all time…

Dennis Farley, New York

I suffered from subway claustrophobia for more than 15 years. Finally I decided to ask Robert Kupferman to help me deal with it through hypnosis. I heard could help. After a 20 minute session, I did not know what to expect. That same day I had business outside Manhattan to which I traveled by bus (not subway) as usual. However in returning to Manhattan, knowing very well that using the subway would save alot of time, I felt the idea of the subway was not an impossibility. It had been for such a long time. The fear was gone when I rode the train. And since then I have taken the subway alone many times in other big cities and have felt totally relaxed about it. That is amazing! Robert's hypnosis did it for me!

M.S., Stockholm, Sweden

Traffic Phobia
I got hit by a car in 1977 at age 17. I started becoming afraid of crossing the street in about 1997, about 20 years later. It is now 2007. I have not lived life as far as going places or doing anything other than to go to work which was difficult at times. I couldn't take it anymore and sought help. I met Bob Kupferman at St. Vincent's Hospital in October of 2007 and we used hypnotherapy. I, for the first time, am starting to enjoy life. I am crossing streets, walking the streets instead of running along them, taking the bus instead of spending every dime I have on taxis. I, for the first time since 1995, have gotten on the LIRR to visit my sister in Ronkonkoma. I am slowly getting my life together with the help of Bob Kupferman and hypnosis.

Teresa L. Johnson, New York

After only one session with Bob Kupferman, my allergies which had been bothering me for several years disappeared. I found him to be very caring, compassionate and his work is excellent. I highly recommend him.

Prudence Holmes, New York

Post Traumatic Stress: World Trade Center Survivor
Bob’s work with the St. Vincent’s Hospital’s Trauma and Wellness Center has saved my life. Those may sound like some pretty big words - and they are. They are also very true. By helping me realize that many events in my life have been tied together with a common thread, Bob has shed light and perspective of what September 11th has meant to me in the scheme of my life, and has lit a blazing trail forward for me to follow to be healthier and happier. His suggestion I donate my time and my beloved dog’s time as pet therapists has not only made many sick people happy, it has brought untold joy into my heart, and great memories to write over the bad ones. Great memories that I’m sure will last a lifetime. Bob’s unique approach of not staying in a rut and studying it, but helping you help yourself out of it has been nothing short of a gift from God for me. Bless you, Bob!”

George Tabb, New York

When I first met Bob Kupferman in June 2007 I had been suffering from fibromyalgia for 20 years. In our very first hypnosis session Bob helped me understand at a deep level the psychological basis for my condition – the trauma of my mother’s coldness towards me as a baby and leaving me completely when I was 18 months old – and the possibility of inducing in myself the sense of security and maternal nourishment whose absence was creating the deep anxiety causing my muscles to tense, go into spasm and become acutely painful. The night after that first session I had my best night’s sleep for years. Since then my fibromyalgia, though still with me, has never been as painful or distressing, even though I’ve only been able to see Bob three more times. (I am a writer, Frances Hill, who lives in England most of the year and comes to the US in the summers.) Bob has made me a CD to listen to and I remember our sessions well, using the tape and my memories to relax and self hypnotize to something approaching the deep level Bob himself induces. I am deeply grateful to him for the great improvement he has wrought in my life.

Frances Hill, London, England

Cat Allergy
I have suffered for many years from my allergy to cats. My symptoms were coughing, sneezing, and watery eyes. Every time I went into a home with cats, within minutes, my eyes would begin to itch and my nose would begin to run. This was particularly upsetting to me because my wife loves cats, had them before our marriage, and would love to have them now. I went to an allergist several times, was tested, and told that indeed, I did have an allergy to cats, and that was that. On a trip to New York City, I was lucky enough to meet Bob Kupferman. After two sessions, in which Bob treated me with hypnosis, my life changed. My symptoms started to disappear, and now, after a year, I find I can be around cats and even pet them and play with them without any symptoms. Most importantly, my wife and I are now looking to adopt a kitten. Thank you, Bob!

George Radnovich, Los Angeles

Self Confidence
Having never been hypnotized before, I approached it with some skepticism but was clearly in the care of someone who really knows what he’s doing. What Bob Kupferman does is he hands back ourselves, our common sense. He enables us by putting us in touch with the strength that is in all of us but not always so immediately accessible as we often get in our own way due to fear, self doubt and ego. I felt far more equipped to deal with my problems coming out of the session than I was going in and, as such, have complete faith in Bob Kupferman’s ability.

Nikki Orth-Pallavacini, New York

Fear of Flying
I was no longer afraid to fly after three sessions with Bob Kupferman and listening to the personalized CD he made for me. Before the hypnosis it seemed like an impossibility to fly. I was never as happy flying as I was on those two flights. His work is unbelievable.

Nancy Walder, New York

Public Speaking
After my third hypnotherapy session with Bob, my experience of speaking in front of a room totally shifted. It went from being stressed out to being stress free. Speaking in public was always challenging for me, but after working with Bob it feels like that has changed. This was my first time in hypnotherapy, so I didn't know what to expect. Bob made me feel comfortable and took the mystery out of it.

Evan Z, New York