Number of sessions

Three to five 55-minute weekly sessions are recommended. Additional visits depend on the complexity of the issue, client resistance to suggestibility and commitment to success.


Sessions are conducted in a well appointed, comfortable private office on the penthouse floor of a midtown Manhattan office building. Office and restroom facilities are fully ADA compliant. Bob's office is within walking distance of Penn Station, Grand Central Terminal, Port Authority Bus Terminal, PATH and 11 subway, 17 express bus and 14 local bus lines.

Reinforcement beyond treatment

The client can record each session's trance on their smartphone for future reinforcement.
With additional sessions the client can be trained in self-hypnosis offering many more independent possibilties.
Post-hypnotic suggestion
Desired new thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are linked to existing ones and embedded deeply into the unconscious mind. Whenever these thoughts, emotions, and behaviors recur the newly seeded suggestions emerge and are activated.
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